Our vision - access to the right Educational Expert for you.

Hello. I’m Gavin Richards, the Founder of  FindanEduExpert.com. 

I am an educator with over 25 years of experience, working across the sector.  I have a passion for professional collaboration, having worked internationally and nationally on collaboration projects at a range of scales. I believe technology can be an essential tool in enabling and supporting professional collaboration. 


Why build a directory of Experts?

It's all about 'putting something back'. FindanEDuexpert.com is a community driven project to connect you to expertise and support.

I don't make any money out of it! I fund the development and hosting entirely myself.  I built the platform to provide educators with a single point of access for educational support and CPD. As an educationalist , I feel passionately about professional collaboration. Not a day goes by without me tapping into one of my many professional networks for advice and support. Many of these networks are spread across different platforms. By developing 'FindanEDuexpert' I'm attempting to 'Join the Dot's' - through its search tool and directory you can find the support you're looking for. 

Great things happen when we work together!

How can you help? Its Free! 

If you're an 'Expert' - we're all experts in something!  We all have something to offer - Why not add yourself to the Directory?

free listing in the FindanEduExpert.com directory of experts  is available to any educational consultant, trainer to promote their support. 

Complete the signup form and we'll add you to the directory.

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